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We're excited that you have decided to become an SFJMCS EAGLES family!

Please click the link below to submit your application for new enrollment.

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(Updated January 2024)

 Enrollment Process 

  • Parents visit school. 

  • Submit enrollment application along with a copy of up-to-date Immunization record, Student Record Release form, last report card, transcript and birth certificate. ($25 Application Fee) 

  • Parents request that student’s pastor send a letter of recommendation. 

  • Office will then call for an initial family interview (both parents, pupil & siblings). 

  • Student takes Diagnostic test for accurate placement. ($15 Testing fee)  

  • A second interview will be scheduled to discuss test results and placement. 

  • Parents will be notified of acceptance. 

  • Parents attend Parent Orientation. 

Enrollment: Files
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